Thursday, June 16, 2005

Now we're working

It’s been a month since the last final, and now that Menlove and grades are (almost all*) out, there’s a slight sense of closure on the first year. Of course, there’s still the writing competition results. And fall on-campus interviewing (which is really not in the fall at all). And picking 2L classes. But at this moment, school is about as far away as possible, even though it’s only a train stop away from where ½ of BLS (including myself) is working.

Work is interesting in theory. In reality, lawyering seems absurdly time-consuming. I don’t want to say boring. I can’t say boring, since it’s what’s lined up for at least the next few years. So far, it’s not unlike school. Get an assignment, cut and paste together a bunch of quotes from cases, and add some connectives. Somehow, this takes a long time, though it’s probably because I don’t know anything about the field I’m working in. The only Economics I’ve been exposed to is from an intro class 9 years ago (1st year of college was really that long ago…) and the skeletal theory taught by our Torts professor. Both are completely useless at the moment, so I’m trying to fill in the vast blanks in those times I should be sipping martinis at gimmicky bars. Luckily I hate both of those and ♥ the Sherman Act.

My only real complaint is that there are two other interns sitting within a foot radius of me who eat loudly for most of the day. It sounds crazy, but it’s really difficult to concentrate when someone is cracking open pistachios in your ear. Other than that, it’s a good group. We’ve compared school stories, and it turns out much is the same, but, surprise, there are definite perks to going to upper rank schools. Who can deny it? We don’t have Supreme Court justices visiting us, or firms kissing our asses. On the other hand, we are all eagerly awaiting the Geraldo’s about to open in the new dorm.

*why do you continue to torture us, Property Professor?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a 2001 BLS grad and enjoy reading this blog...How is the new dorm coming along? Where are you guys working this summer?? Good luck to you with Fall OCI. When I was there, I lucked out with a few firms but ultimately, the chosen ones were always the ones with the highest grades/on journals. Hopefully, there will be more diverse employers recruiting.

FYI, theres another Brooklyn blog on the web -

are you also the authors of that blog?

Good luck!

12:09 PM  
Blogger Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon said...

Thanks! The OCI process is daunting, especially from someone whose grades weren't remotely close to stellar, and who doesn't want to work for a firm (few seem to really want to), but hopefully there will be someone out there who can help me pay off my debt regardless.

I don't know much about the new dorm, like whether it's pronounced "File" or "Fail" Hall, but I do know that people will be able to move in this summer.

We aren't responsible for that blog. It’s far more complicated that anything we’re capable of!

10:33 PM  

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